Network Infrastructure

Your business never stops moving.
Neither should your network.

Speed and security are essential to thrive as an agile business in a fast-paced world. Failing equipment, outdated technology, and heavy traffic are a few of the many reasons your network could be running slower than it should. Our experienced engineers partner with you to identify issues and correct inefficiencies.


By partnering with Innovias, you will benefit from an optimally-configured, highly-secure network. We ensure this security via:

  • Network infrastructure
  • Firewall and VPN
  • Wireless mesh and guest access points
  • Proper and verified cabling

Comprehensive Site Audit

We know your network system is unique. Partnering with us opens the door to a better class of service to meet your needs. To fully understand your network, our experts conduct a thorough site survey with every new client. Through detailed network discovery, survey, and documentation, we gain an in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of your system. This assessment allows us to correct inefficiencies using the best overall solution, rather than a temporary, Band-Aid fix.